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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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there is 0 impact, but we are going to keep it minimal. we did not want to disrupt any of the major athletic events we have going on, but there are times when it is just open to events or things that are not program elated to our athletic programs. certainly, if you approve this, we will come back to you a schedule on when it will be undertaken. as i said in the report, once we have got the floor up, and we can see what the scope of the work may be, that will inform the project scope and cost. >> so it will essentially be done with minimal impact? >> yes, that is our commitment. >> thank you. >> i have public comment from a
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richardfong and andrea o'leary. >> good afternoon. i just had some eye work done, so i can see you now. you all look great. >> probably everything looks great, at this point. >> i wanted to touch on a few thoughts, like kezar. maybe we could do just an expediting-type of repair work there. i would not be inclined to tear out the entire floor. if we did something like what they use with ping-pong paddles -- carbon fiber on the inside,
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would on the outside. -- wood on the outside. i understand the word is getting too thin. but if we had this on top, and then you had the finishing top surface wood on top, it would just be repair. it adds strength and adds bounce. structurally, it is more stable. it is a classic example of how in architecture they use plywood instead of plank wood. we did repair work there that would have that carbon fiber player going across. and on the top, top sheet wood. that could take the abuse of the
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extensive use in the facility. that was one part. another part of wanted to bring in has to do with the repair work at the chinese playground. i have been tried to get that tennis court done for a long time. it has been patched up, the borders are over elevated from pavement work. i wonder what it never gets done. i talked to dr. lee about it, and he wants to hit tennis balls there, has been a long time chinatown tennis club member. a lot of people want to use the facility, but it is not really up to grade. will it ever be up to grade? and when you did the roofing work at the chinese playground, the same facility, when i looked at it, you are doing repetitive
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work that has been done many times. every time, it comes down to the same thing. >> thank you. >> andrea. >> hello again. some of you say you do not understand the downtown bond. there are a lot of us who do not understand the job order contract in process. it was sold to us as being a cheap and easy process for small projects. these are large projects we are talking about. i am not really sure how this applies, in particular, there is no public participation in this project. but most of these projects are
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over $50,000. 10 out of 12 on the list are. it used to be, anything of that cost came before the commission for approval. this joc process, as we are told, it eliminates that. they can do whatever they want to @ whatever cost. now that we have had this surplus issue, i have something to compare it to in my mind to figure out how this process might work. this is a contingency fund from the open space. these are major design-build kind of issues. therefore, i can understand how you need a huge contingency. they are going to do some of these floors and find dinosaurs. they need a larger contingency to do that. these small projects, which is what the joc is -- these are
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things like picnic tables. you can just drop it there. there should not have to be a contingency. in particular, in a project like ours, we already paid contingencies. this deferred maintenance, there is a 1% to 3% project management fee. in our area, it is more like 8%. jocc, what is the job opportunity contract fee? you pay these people to do this work, but there is a 5% fee on these projects. we are also paying another 10% contingency on top of our contingency. i can understand you are going to find problems. there are a lot of little things
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like this that are unclear about how this is supposed to work. this is neither cheap, easy, nor quick. there are issues about how our money is being spent and we have no way to check into it, no way of accounting for it. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to make public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. >> move to approve. seconds. >> all those in favor indicate by saying aye. opposed? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> we are on item number eight. marina green kiosk request for proposal.
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good morning, commissioners. for the department, what is before you is an rfp that the
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department would like to put out soliciting an operator for the marina green kiosk. the kiosk was built in 1938. it serves snacks and light refreshments to visitors to little marina green. the department entered into a lease in 2008 with a three-year lease with an extension -- expiring in april of this year. there was an extension that the current operator chose not to exercise. the department would like to put out to bid the rfp that was solicited. an operator that would offer quality beverage and food at the
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kiosk. the rfp would require respondents to submit proposed rent, including the greater of the monthly and a guarantee or percentage of gross revenue. it would also require -- stipulate that the proposed payments are not final and that there would be negotiations with rpd, and then they would increase with cpi, and the maximum lease term would be five years in length. in soliciting an operator, we are soliciting an opera with the following minimum qualifications. five years of operating a similar business, including some with a background in food service, a catering, and retail services. sufficient financial capacity to undertake this opportunity. and the ability to obtain all required insurance policies and other permits.
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should the commission approved the release of this rfp, we would issue the proposal later on today. we would have a deadline of august 22, 2011, with hopefully bringing the selection of the responded back to the commission in september and then having the rec and park commission approved the lease in november. no lease would commence in december 2011. -- the lease would commence in december 2011. should the commission approve this rfp, the financial benefit to the city would be the greater of the proposed mag that the department receives or the exact amount payable as rent. one thing that we have changed
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in our rfp over the last months or years, we have now added a process in our solicitation. if the department received no acceptable rents from any of the respondents, we can ask all of the respondents to submit higher rents. that is language that is in this rfp, has been in previous ones. that will ensure the department receives the best financial deal available. we have done to give it an outrage on this proposal, including contacting all people who were previously interested in the 2008 concession opportunity. we have reached out to marine of merchants, the national recreation area, the two yacht clubs out there, and a number of entities that are active in the
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marina. so with that, we would ask for your approval. >> is there any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. >> commissioner harrison. >> i am in favor of this proposal, but i'm starting to look at the larger picture. we have the kiosk and now we are planning -- what do they call the building over there? [unintelligible] then we have mobile trucks, then we have a warming hut just inside the presidio. it seems to be getting crowded out there. >> i would agree, if all those were operating at the same time. in our permits for the food trucks that operate out there, we have written in those permits in a way that once the marina degaussing begins, we would
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terminate those permits and move those uses from the site. the food trucks could be seen as an interim use until that marine and degaussing project is complete. >> exactly what i was looking for, thank you. >> so when the do you expect the degaussing station to put up a bit? >> i believe it is out to bid at the moment. proposals are due sometime next month. we will have a better sense once those proposals are received on the timeline. >> so you are looking at bringing in an operator for the balance of the year? >> for the marina degaussing station, that is a complicated project that will need capital and a number of entitlements. i am not the project manager. i would be hesitant to give an exact time line. i think we can expect that work
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would not immediately begin. >> my point is, the trucks that are there would only be there for about six months. >> and perhaps a little bit longer, yes, but not years and years. definitely an interim years. >> ok, i will entertain a motion. moved and seconded. is there any public comment on this item? hearing none, it is unanimous. >> item 9. general public comment continued. patricia delgado. >> i just wanted to add my voice to the 17th and folsom park.
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i just want to bring to your attention that this is in the old industrial zone coming from 16th to 23rd. all of that area was originally the industry of san francisco. up the street from me, at the corner of 23rd and harrison was the old winfield paper manufacturing plant. that was resolved and now we have 56 apartments there. the old penske lot, alabama, florida, 14th and 19th. that is all now low-income housing. and when willie brown was our mayor, a lot of work came in on harrison street. so that whole area is changing.
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then it was the third round. in the 1970's, the neighborhood said, let us build a park there. then in the 1980's, when we first moved in, somebody once again brought it to our attention. it got as far as the drawings and then fell into the blue void also. and then we started working with the neighborhood, rec and parks, and then we had lots of meetings. after a year and half of talks, we finally got our park. it is build it and they will come, and they have not stopped coming. i am sure that is what will
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happen at 17th and folsom. definitely an area that could use open space. >> it iis there any other member of the public that would like to comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. commissioner's matters? is there any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. item 11. new business, the agenda setting. is there any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. item 12. communications. is there any public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. item 13 is adjournment. >> is there a motion? >> moved and seconded. all those in favor. so be it. thank you.
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>> i think it ae's public and
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private property. i'm against graffiti. >> who can get it out the most who can be noticed the most. >> i i've seen seniors doing graffiti. >> the city is art, other people who have their names tag -- >> [inaudible] our unit there are 2 sections we are doing one is abating and others are notice of violation to private property. all the utility boxes in public right-of-way we abate. >> we abate calls that come within 48 hours. >> we are a small group in g f
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graffiti. we don't have enough help. >> i have a group in town down and china town and the north tunnel. [inaudible] the graffiti we abate everything is coming up to the areas now. >> i'm willing to take it on. i think -- >> you are telling me you are ready for this? >> i think so. >> okay. >> there you go. >> all right. >> all right. >> ready to do it. let's go. >> want to get the gray signses this over here and the garbage can and normally we don't do private property since it's on the corridor route you can come with me we will use black. >> we had a lot of changes in the graffiti unit. we do private
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property if someone moved we remove it and send it to the attorney's office and they take appropriate action. >> damage their property there. it's important to write the color in case they want to say what part of our house you abated the graffiti on. >> using your safety glasses the gloves. >> you got it. >> you know some places we gashi, people appreciate that. you know, a lot of timeses they say, thank you. >> the time where it's visible.
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a lot of people put it on the ground. >> i like when tourists come and say, you do this for your city and you get paid for that? >> we use the [inaudible] for the holes and the retaining walls. [inaudible]. white on the fire hydrants. fire box red for the fire boxes. our brown for the pg and e poles. >> we are not painters we do our best. >> i'm assuming it has to do with gang activity.
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>> if it's territorial i mind. >> in case it's gang related and they are marking our territory i would like to paint it over. >> anything with numbers like x iv or x 13 west side mob and the bay view those are gang related. with gang related or profanity we will abait it as soon as possible. >> i consider it an art. there are circles of people that form around it whether or not they should ruin public property. >> this is art work i'm for it. unless it's on someone's property and they don't want it there. judge kids with silver paint expressing their ego needs doesn't belong on our property.
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>> graffiti is when you don't have permission to write anything on their property. >> eighth street is part of your regular rout? >> yes. >> everyday. >> eighth street. divisidero street. irving street. every block they going through they paint 3 or 4 streets in the block the poles the utility boxes, mailbox. >> thank you. >> okay. >> put the drop cloth. come on around. >> there you go. force for we have to remember we are not painters we abate graffiti. we are abaters not painters. get that out of the way and keep
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moving. >> how many of these do you do a day? how many poles we do a day? >> yeah. >> depends on the location. may be 20. >> do you like working with the team? >> yes because i'm a people person. i like being outside and interacting with the public and i like the response we get especially from the good job we do in the community. >> goodbye.
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